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Great White Shark Cage Diving

South Africa is Great White territory. This amazing marine predator has as its home, the waters off the Western Cape coast near the town of Gansbaai. Shark cage diving, although not for all, is a popular activity for those seeking a rush of adrenaline. Numerous operators offer cage diving with many located in Gansbaai.

The local operators will take you out to Shark Alley just off Dyer Island. Thousands of seals make their home on the island and the great whites come to prey on them. Operators will throw chum in the water and wait for the sharks to make their appearance before dropping the safe steel cage in for you to enter the water and watch these graceful predators put on their show.

If you are lucky enough you may also spot a great white breach the water, hunt down a seal or more peaceful whales and dolphins splashing around in the ocean off of Gansbaai. All in all, it is an amazing experience to see these fearsome predators in their natural habitat.

For those looking for a slightly less strenuous and safer version of shark diving, the Two Oceans Aquarium in the V & A Waterfront offers divers the opportunity to enter the shark tanks and dive with ragged tooth sharks.
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