Cape Town Travel Guide
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Driving in Cape Town

South Africa drives, like the UK, on the left-hand side of the road and visiting the country is often done in a rental car.

The road network is well developed and fully tarred in urban areas and on major roads and motorways. Secondary roads in rural areas are sometimes gravel or dirt and should be kept in mind when travelling in remote areas.

The speed limits are vigorously enforced by the traffic department in marked cars and road-side cameras.

When driving in South Africa, it is best to drive defensively. Be wary of other drivers, especially taxis, who are liable to pull off the road or change lanes at any moment.

Petrol and diesel are widely available in major petrol stations around the country. Petrol and diesel are sold by the litre with the price being controlled by the South African Government. Petrol stations do not accept credit cards, always have cash available to top up your tank.

Don't forget your maps.


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