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Cape Town Car Rental

The scenery of Cape Town and the Western Cape and the lack of quality public transport make a rental car an excellent option to take in all the wonderful sights and attractions of the area. Many prefer to go the independent route and travel the country on their own rather than hire a guided tour and the only effective way to get around is by car.

Some travel distances can be quite far given the size of the Western Cape and that of South Africa as a whole. Other driving tips to remember are:

Gas/Petrol Stations do no accept credit cards, have cash.

There are speed cameras on the sides of the road and at traffic lights, obey the rules of the road.

Car guards in parking lots expect a tip, a little during the day and a bit more at night will do.

Driving at night in rural areas can be dangerous, look out for animals and pedestrians on the roads.

Hire a rental car by using our partners Auto Europe's South African reliable and value driven offers for car rental.

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