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West Coast National Park

The West Coast National Park, just before Langebaan comes to life in late winter or early spring on a yearly basis with a rich display of wild flowers carpeting the land. The flowers provide photographers and visitors with one of nature's most beautiful displays every year. To see the flowers, visitors must enter the park and drive through to the Posberg entrance. From there, dirt roads will wind them through the park to see the flowers, ocean and wildlife including springbok, bontebok, ostriches, zebra, wildebeest, flamingoes, bat-eared foxes (bakoorjakkals) and other animals that call the park home.

An entrance fee is due on entry. Accommodation is also available for rent in the park but is in high demand during flower season, a booking is therefore essential. Popular activities in the park include mountain biking, hiking, bird watching and whale watching.

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Flowers in West Coast National Park
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