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Velddrif - West Coast

The small fishing village of Velddrif on the banks of the Berg River up the Cape West Coast is a growing destination for weekend travellers with excellent fishing, boating and leisure activities available. It is often overlooked for it's more popular cousin, Paternoster.

The area of Port Owen is a nice spot for visitors looking to enjoy a relaxing stay on the Berg River to canoe, fish, boat, golf and take in the beautiful West Coast of South Africa.

Bokkom Laan, or Bokkom Lane, is a quaint street on the banks of the Berg River where traditional fishermen process Bokkoms the old tried and tested way for all to see. Bokkoms are dried and salted Southern Mullet fish from the Berg River estuary.

The lane is cutely dotted with small Bokkom factories, souvenir stalls and restaurants. It's a bit of a timewarp but a fantastic and educational spot to visit. Visitors can also book boat rides and other leisure activities on the river from Bokkum Laan.

Feature Spot
Bokkoms in Velddrif
Velddrif - Bokkom Laan

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